Wilderness Survival Level A

Level-A students$125 – 2 day/1 night course (optional 2nd night at the front-end of the course). Students will learn how to use their full packs of gear to their greatest potential. Focus will be on:

  • Trip planning, safety, and coordination
  • Leave-No-Trace practices
  • Maintaining the correct mindset for survival
  • Preventing injury and/or death by exposure and dehydration
  • Non-primitive fire building skills using gear in your pack and basic techniques
  • Non-primitive water filtration/purification
  • Basic wilderness first aid
  • Signaling for rescue

**NOTE**: Students MAY be required to have taken the Intro to Wilderness Survival course. Please email us for details.

Pancho shelterWhat student brings:

  • Shelter – a 1 or 2 person tent
  • Full kit as discussed in the intro course (gear, water, food)
  • Fully stocked med kit (will be inspected via email before departure)

What is provided:

  • Guided instruction
  • Emergency medical care by certified medical professional
  • Emergency water


Course dates (links to our Facebook events pages):

November 18 – Sam Houston National Forest
If you do not use Facebook, you can also pay for your course HERE. Just be sure to email us and confirm with us which date you are reserving a spot for.