Urban Survival Course

The SPEAR Urban Survival Course is designed for the person or family that wants to know how to react to the challenges this environment offers. Perhaps they live in a rural setting and visit large cities occasionally. Maybe they live in a large city and consequently need the knowledge to survive or get out as a result of civil unrest or common crime patterns.

SPEAR Urban SurvivalRobbery, civil unrest, or kidnapping attempts can be threats in the urban environment. This is reality. While the wilderness offers its own set of dangers,  a densely populated metropolitan area counters with its own set of unique obstacles to overcome.

We will not make you a James Bond who saves the world. You will not be Jason Borne. We’re going to show you real world, no BS methods of how to survive. You will learn to avoid a situation,  assess and act, and if all else fails, to adapt to the situation.


Urban Survival, Urban Survival CourseWe start you off with understanding what threats are especially relevant. Then help you understand how you can avoid them altogether. If the threat is not totally avoidable (because life works this way sometimes), what planning, reasoning and decisions can help to mitigate those possible types of emergencies should they arise. Avoid. Assess & act. Adapt.

SPEAR Urban Survival course instructor(s) are highly qualified professionals. They have backgrounds in either military, law enforcement, or high risk/high profile private security details. We do our best to make sure they have a proven track record.

We may also have instructors who have been on “the other side of the glass”. Some may have done time. As a result, our clients will learn first hand what deters the criminal element. This real world knowledge & experience is highly valuable for urban survival.