Wounded In The Wilderness: Hunters Learn a Hard Lesson.

Wounded in the Wilderness, IFAK,

A group of hunters found out the hard way how sideways things can get when one of their own was wounded in the wilderness. Shit happens. It happens to the best of us. This article isn’t intended to bash the hunters in this video. We’re sharing it with the intent to help you LEARN from it. Wounded in the wilderness:…

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Build a Cabin From Used Wooden Pallets!

wooden Pallet, Cabin, pallet cabin

Build a cabin from used wooden pallets! We just thought this was cool as hell. Two guys, a father and son, spending time out in nature by building the coolest thing any son could want: a secret clubhouse. Ok. It might not be a club house, and it sure isn’t so secret now that it’s on YouTube.  It’s still pretty…

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How to Process Rabbit Like a Pro

  One of the things you will need to know for wilderness survival is how to gut, skin, and process rabbit for consumption. The video below shows an alternate method to traditional skinning. The method in the video below reduces the possibility of fly contamination, as the rabbit is not cut open, which exposes the meat. It is however a…

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Entering The Iron Age: Primitive Technology

As a military trained survival instructor, and someone who’s developed skills by going out and just doing the stuff, I have immense respect for this guy.  He takes survival and the ethos of it to a whole different level.  In fact, you can’t even call what he does “survival”.  You just call it living.  Living in primitive ways. Now, you…

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Understanding Groundwater & Water Tables

Water is life. Without it, we die. Thus, understanding where our water comes from, how to find it, collect it, and decide if it’s safe for consumption is vital to survival. While I’m not a geologist, I’ve done my personal best to figure out how a water table works, where water is sourced, how it behaves and how contaminants somewhere…

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Gear Review: Condor Titan Elite Pack

Condor Titan Elite

I’ve been using the Condor Urban Go-bag/pack for about 8 years now. Recently, I decided to upgrade, and because all three of my Condor bags have taken QUITE the beatings over the years, I decided to go back to them. I especially was interested in their new “Elite” lineup of gear, and figured I would pay more and hope I…

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Surviving Hypothermia in the Wilderness

Hypothermia can kill you. Let’s get that out of the way. It’s not something to take lightly or brush off, so let’s discuss ways to prevent it, and treat it in a wilderness survival scenario. There are several ways to prevent hypothermia, the first is quite simple; start with a general knowledge of what it is, so let’s define it:…

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GEAR REVIEW: the GORUCK GR1 rucksack

Somewhere in between the Osprey’s and Gregory type packs meant for through hiking, and the Mystery Ranch/5.11/Condor packs that have a more “tactical” look & feel, there lies an area reserved for packs that don’t quite define one as a “hiker”, or as a “military” type, but appeals to both demographics. It’s an area for those that may identify with…

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Surviving Heat Exhaustion in the Wilderness

When we step out into the wilderness, we do so assuming a certain level of risk is inherent. Our civilized beings reconcile variables and weigh that risk, which is what makes our wild being desire the adventure in the back-country. It’s the opportunity to test yourself, to push your limits, to grow, and learn to work with nature, not fight…

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