Gear Review: Condor Titan Elite Pack

Condor Titan Elite

I’ve been using the Condor Urban Go-bag/pack for about 8 years now. Recently, I decided to upgrade, and because all three of my Condor bags have taken QUITE the beatings over the years, I decided to go back to them. I especially was interested in their new “Elite” lineup of gear, and figured I would pay more and hope I…

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Product Review: Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad from Klymit®

One of the many things I learned to appreciate as a Marine was my foam sleeping pad. About 3/8 of an inch thick, and made of rubberized foam, it’s no big secret that it’s pretty useless, unless your main objective is to use all of its 24×72 dimensions to just keep your sleeping bag off the dirt. Rolled up, it…

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