SPEAR Survival IFAK: The Essential Gear You Need

SPEAR Survival, IFAK, Med Kit, Trauma Kit, wounded in the wilderness

One of the most important and vital pieces of gear you can have is your SPEAR Survival IFAK. An individual first aid kit is essential when the unexpected happens. We’ll go over the features and benefits to having one. You can also read our article about hunters who badly needed an IFAK, but failed to foresee the need: Wounded In The Wilderness.

SPEAR Survival, IFAK, Med Kit, Trauma Kit, wounded in the wilderness

Nobody disputes the value of a good IFAK. Order yours Here.

When we set out building our SPEAR Survival IFAK, we not only used our own medical knowledge as a First Responder (Fire Fighter/Medic), we consulted with others. We turned to our friends who are TCCC instructors, and others who were combat medics in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Guys who had to perform under high stress conditions to treat wounds effectively. In those conditions, with bullets flying, and dust and the rest of your gear getting in the way, you need gear that is simple, reliable, and effective.

The kit itself.

While others vendors are using cheap bags to increase profit margins, we turned to Vanquest to house our med kit. A well known, reliable brand that was co-founded by an original founder of anther high end outdoor gear company: Maxpedition. Using Vanquest cuts into our profit, sure, but we hope it encourages you to refer your friends & family to us when you see how well it’s made.

Delicious glass of bourbon not included.

What’s in our SPEAR Survival IFAK?

Let’s run down the list of quality supplies:

  1. 2 x CAT tourniquets with METAL windlass (no cheap plastic windlass that could snap under pressure). Upgrade to SOFT-T TQ is available.
  2. 1 set of trauma shears (to cut away clothes)
  3. 2 space blanket (to protect core temp during shock)
  4. 1 roll of med tape
  5. 2 x North American Rescue Hyfin Ventilated chest seals
  6. 1 ACE bandage (to create compression)
  7. 4 x bandages (4×4 size)
  8. 2 pairs of Nitril surgical gloves
  9. 1 pack of Hemostatic dressing (ie; Quickclot or Combat Guaze)1 snap light/chem stick (to see in the dark without having to hold a flashlight)
  10. 1 NPA (Nasopharyngeal airway) to mitigate a compromised oral airway. (Google the proper use of it)
  11. 1 Red Sharpie (to mark time tourniquet is applied)

Watch our informative video: contents and concepts.

If you like what you’ve read, please show your support for what we do and buy our IFAK here.

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