Schrade SCHF14 Fixed Blade Review

SCHF14One thing I really like is a good bargain. Another think I like is a good knife. When I can get both (and you can never have too many of either), I get like Phil Robertson: happy, happy, happy.

Cue the Schrade SCHF14.

A GREAT 7.9 inch (total length) full tang utility knife That I’ve been wearing as a Neckr (neck knife), as it weighs but 7.5 ounces.

Blade: 3.4 inch stone washed, drop point with jimping along its 90° spine (a 90° spine makes for easy sparks on a ferro rod). Made of 8cr13Mov steel, it has 8% carbon (anything over 3% is considered “high carbon). Holds a sharp edge well!

Field testing the SCHF14Handle: scalloped G10 that doesn’t extend ALL the was down the full tang, so that you can use the bottom of the tang to crush, without smashing the G10 handle. Has a handy hole in it for a lanyard.

Sheath: kydex. Blade locks into it fairly well, only a small amount of play. Has holes for a lanyard to wear as a Neckr. But also comes with an attachment so you can wear it on your belt (hip or scout).

Price: between $30-$39 almost everywhere (including BassPro and Amazon)

Overall rating: 4 out of 5. The attachment for the sheath makes wearing this on the hip, or even scout style very awkward and rather uncomfortable, which is how it ended up being a neck knife for me. Leather straps that attach to the holes on the kydex would have been MUCH smarter.

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