How to Process Rabbit Like a Pro


One of the things you will need to know for wilderness survival is how to gut, skin, and process rabbit for consumption.

Process RabbitThe video below shows an alternate method to traditional skinning. The method in the video below reduces the possibility of fly contamination, as the rabbit is not cut open, which exposes the meat. It is however a risky way to process rabbit in that if done incorrectly, you could rupture the gall bladder and other organs, which would instantly ruin your meat.

If you decide to try this method, DO NOT make your first attempt at this a life/death survival scenario. I wish I didn’t have to say that, but invariably, someone will find themselves in a situation gone sideways and try to process rabbit this way, on their only opportunity for much needed calories and protein.

Don’t be that person.

This method takes quite a bit of practice, obviously. Again, it is not something you want to try WHEN your life depends on it, but if you find yourself with a good harvest of rabbits, maybe you try it on one or two.

The rest of the video shows a great example of time/energy efficiency to process rabbit, as this hunter seems to be processing for commercial sale to grocery stores and restaurants. I will say his skinning method does not leave the hide very usable for clothing, as he splits the hide across the middle, but it is fast.

In a survival situation, fast is good. Efficient is good. Combined, both burn less calories, and calories are life. My suggestion after processing your rabbit would be to make a soup. Grilling is fun, and tastes GREAT, but a soup captures more of the fat and collagen, and creates a calorie rich broth that you can keep warm in your wide-mouth canteen, and save for later.

As always, keep doing the stuff.

Ne te quaesiveris extra

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