Operation Yellowbird

Operation YellowbirdBrotherhood

Veterans have a large extended family. SPEAR Survival’s “Operation Yellowbird” program is how we have decided to show our commitment to our fellow vets.  Please join us in giving back to our brothers & sisters who have given so much to America.

Veterans serve, as a result of their service many vets return to civilian life with scars you see, and scars you don’t.  Sadly, an average of 22 veterans a day commit suicide. The government that asks these men & women to do the things they do is simply not able to help them all. Thus, it falls on us, ALL of us, to pick up the slack & tow the line. To extend help to those who gave to us and are asking for nothing in return.

Operation Yellowbird pledges to help those veterans with combat related PTS and physical disability.  We’re committed to taking them into wilderness settings to learn, grow, gain confidence, and re-kindle much-needed brotherhood with other veterans. We feel THIS is the best way to stop veteran suicides, by reminding them they still have a very real network they can count on for time and resources.

brotherhoodNature has a way of healing, and reminding you what’s out there in the bigger picture while calming and relaxing. Those fighting PTS benefit from this exposure, and the time with other veterans. Many veterans either don’t have easy access to a peaceful, natural environment, or lack the gear, skills or connections to feel confidant enough to venture forth and spend any significant time in such a setting. This is where we step in; putting together groups for veterans to join, and if need be, gear for them to use to camp, hike, climb, hunt or fish. In the future, we may even offer transportation to/from the excursion for those who have that need.

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Please join Operation Yellowbird in giving back to those who have given so selflessly to us. We welcome all inquiries to volunteer, or offers of goods, gear, and services. We are actively working on obtaining our 501c3 status to accept donations. In the meantime, if you feel you have a service you can offer that will help our cause, please contact us.  We are looking for everything from surplus hiking gear, to auto mechanics.

Ne te quaesiveris extra,

The SPEAR Survival team