About Us

Who are we? SPEAR Survival is veteran owned and operates in Texas. Our mission is to help people become more capable and self reliant by providing them professional survival training and courses in other skill sets via knowledgeable instructors.

Our instructors are top shelf. They are masters of their craft, and passionate about teaching others how to be self-reliant and capable.

We give back. We are dedicated to giving back, specifically to our veteran community. Thus, we have formed OPERATION YELLOWBIRD. Put simply, we bring veterans in need together for nature immersion, free of charge.

Growth is our goal. Be it personal or professional, so we hope to expand operations outside of Texas. We are dedicated to helping others and doing good, and encouraging others do the same.

Ne te quaesiveris extra. ®


Owner, Lead Instructor, survival trainingOwner/Lead Survival Instructor – Eric

An honorably discharged Marine, now a certified Texas firefighter & EMT who holds 8 different FEMA certifications including Active Shooter and Community Preparedness. A graduate of the U.S. Navy SERE survival training program (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape), he was taught advanced techniques in wilderness survival (among other fun stuff). His training also includes, but is not limited to: surveillance/counter-surveillance, water survival/rescue swimming/HUET, and confined space/high angle rescue. He feels his calling is to serve the general good by being skilled and capable, and to help his fellow veterans when & where he can.





Jason Delgado MARSOC scout sniper instructorLong Range Shooting Instructor – Jason

There are Marine scout snipers, and then there are the guys who TEACH them. Meet Jason, our long range shooting instructor. As MARSOC’s first lead SS instructor, he literally helped create their training program. A true renaissance man, he is father, accomplished author, and tattoo artist. With 2 combat tours to Iraq, his unit brought down the statue of Saddam in Baghdad. We are honored to have him as a member of our team, and proud to call him a brother Marine. Also, good luck finding a better instructor.






Tracking, SPEAR Survival, Beau HargerLead Tracking Instructor – Beau

A compounding pharmacist by day and an outdoorsman in his spare time. He learned the art of tracking through one of the very few tracking specialists in the United States. He has earned a Level 3 Certification in “Track and Sign” in May of 2014, a high grade certification through the Cybertracker Evaluation System. The Cybertracker system is a standard created in South Africa to properly evaluate tracking skills worldwide. Beau brings a passion for teaching these skills of the lost art of tracking.






Duffy snaresLead volunteer – Duffy

We’ve never met another person so eager to soak up knowledge and survival training. He always has a positive, can-do attitude, and is the guy you want on your team when the chips are down. An avid member of the GORUCK community and leader among “GRT’s”, Duffy teaches others to “embrace the suck”. While he may be a protegé in wilderness survival, he is in fact a mentor to many when it comes to physical and mental toughness. He lives by the warrior ethos, and he’s a great guy to have a beer and chat with. If you get a chance, pro-tip: Texas beer.