Gear Review: Condor Titan Elite Pack

Condor Titan Elite

I’ve been using the Condor Urban Go-bag/pack for about 8 years now. Recently, I decided to upgrade, and because all three of my Condor bags have taken QUITE the beatings over the years, I decided to go back to them. I especially was interested in their new “Elite” lineup of gear, and figured I would pay more and hope I get more. (normally, my Condor bags run me between $60 and $90, which has always been my biggest attraction to them, gear that works at an affordable price).

Cue the Titan Elite.

A 40 liter pack with several new features you don’t get in the normal lineup. For example, the grooved, thick padding on the thoracic and lumbar region of the back. NICE. Breathes well, and offers extra comfort. I dig it. Next, the ability to use it as 1 giant compartment or two compartments. Convenient. I dig that, too. The rubberized bottom and waist belt. Set it on the wet ground, moisture seepage IN is no longer a huge factor. Love it. Thicker, more contoured shoulder straps and a rigid internal “frame”. Offer more support, make carrying a heavy load much easier. I’m all about that life. Yes.

But there were a few drawbacks…so I posted a video on youtube (below) to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly (which this bag isn’t, I love the aesthetics of it, actually).

Martin Scorsese or Michael Bay I am not. So relax on the critique of the video production, but I hope it helps. I HATE buying gear blind, and I will often spend hours if not days or weeks researching gear before I pull the trigger on something. In the case of the Titan Elite, there was not a whole lot out there to go on, so I took one for the team and picked one up to review for you folks.

RATING: All in all, I have to give this pack a very generous 4 out of 5 stars. It has some moderate to serious design flaws which I cover in the video (they may or may not be a factor to you), but the overall comfort of the bag saves the rating from dipping down to 3.5 or even 3 stars.

Who should buy this: if you have a 40 liter bag and you still have a bit of extra room, BUY THIS bag, you will likely love it. If you are running tight but complete on a 42 liter, eh, go for it. If you are tight on a 48 liter, think VERY carefully before buying this. You will have to make decisions on gear changes/sacrifices.

Camping in Hill CountryI hope Condor doesn’t take this product review too personal, I have been running their packs for over 8 years now, I own several, and for what they are, I love them. I own other Condor gear as well, so I’m not beating Condor up, I’m letting them know where I see room for improvement. (which I hope they heed!)

Until next time, SPEARheads!

Ne te quaesiveris extra!


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