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Beekeeping For Beginners (Houston)

February 24 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Beekeeping For Beginners, Beekeeping Course, Beekeeping, apiaryThis class is a beginners intro to beekeeping! There is NO handling of bees in THIS course (that will come later in the intermediate and advanced levels). If you’ve ever wanted to learn this craft but didn’t know exactly where or how to start, this class is for you!!

Our course is designed to help you understand honey bee behavior & biology, what it takes to get started, man­aging bee colonies for fun and/or profit—and to help you become an ethical, successful, and responsible beekeeper.

Welcome to the world of beekeeping!

Hour 1 –
*The Colony and Its Organization
Hour 2-
*Beekeeping Equipment
*Starting with Bees
Hour 3-
*Colony Management
*Managing Maladies
Hour 4-
*Honey Production and Processing
*Handling Beeswax
*Floral Sources

COST: $75 per person

Location: Classroom setting off Hempstead Hwy

beekeeping, apiary, survivalInstructor: Kenneth from Uncommon Bees!

Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation. You may want to keep bees for the delicious fresh honey they pro­duce, or for the benefits of their valuable services as pollinators. Perhaps simply for the enjoyment of learning more about one of nature’s most interesting insects.

Almost anyone can keep bees. Honey bees normally only sting to defend themselves or their colony; when colonies are handled properly and precautions are taken, stinging is not a major problem. Additionally, most beekeepers develop a tolerance for bee venom over time and have reduced sensitivity to pain and swelling. However, the few people who react strongly to bee stings and pollen or who are unable to get over fears of stings should avoid contact with bees.

***DISCLAIMER*** Of course, we encourage you to check with your doctor to discuss any possible risk for you associated with this course or activity. We highly encourage you to ask your doctor for an Epi-Pen as a precaution. Please use your own best judgement when signing up for this course. We are not responsible for any allergic reaction you may experience at our course.

***Refund/Transfer/Credit Policy*** Due to the very limited seating and demand for this course, there will be no refunds, transfers or credits given for this course for any reason unless WE cancel or reschedule the event.


February 24
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


SPEAR Survival


14028 Aston St
Houston, TX 77040 United States
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