Entering The Iron Age: Primitive Technology

As a military trained survival instructor, and someone who’s developed skills by going out and just doing the stuff, I have immense respect for this guy.  He takes survival and the ethos of it to a whole different level.  In fact, you can’t even call what he does “survival”.  You just call it living.  Living in primitive ways.

Now, you hope you never have to survive somewhere isolated so long that you need to build a mud or adobe house, with a chimney, and a forge to create metal items… but these are certainly skills to admire and respect!  In a Tom Hanks “Castaway” type of situation, absolutely, this is guy would thrive. In fact, I could imagine rescue boats showing up at his deserted island, and him just giving them a grocery list of some steaks, beer, and possibly a few friends to party with.

He doesn’t have a facebook page, but his YouTube channel is nothing short of spectacular. A lot of people in this business won’t acknowledge other survival experts, I’m not one of those guys. Go check him out. Just keep in mind, many of the things he does require YEARS of practice, and high calorie intake, two things you may not have in a no-joke survival situation.  If you are fortunate enough to have lots of protein/carbs readily available, by all means, soak in his methods and use them. If you don’t, remember, your focus is on conserving energy, staying safe/uninjured, and signaling for help at every opportunity.

All that said, I simply cannot wait to see where he takes this. One you enter the iron age, the sky is the limit. I will be setting my notifications to alert me when his next video drops!

Ne te quaesiveris extra!!

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