Wounded In The Wilderness: Hunters Learn a Hard Lesson.

Wounded in the Wilderness, IFAK,

A group of hunters found out the hard way how sideways things can get when one of their own was wounded in the wilderness. Shit happens. It happens to the best of us. This article isn’t intended to bash the hunters in this video. We’re sharing it with the intent to help you LEARN from it. Wounded in the wilderness:…

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The Basic Principles Of Survival

Much has been said about what survival is or isn’t, but it seems there are some basic principles of survival. We would argue that skill sets and principlss are different sides of the same coin. SKILL SETS help survive specific  scenarios. While PRINCIPALS are ideas or philosophies that can be applied to almost all  scenarios. Let’s start in a way…

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Gear Review: Condor Titan Elite Pack

Condor Titan Elite

I’ve been using the Condor Urban Go-bag/pack for about 8 years now. Recently, I decided to upgrade, and because all three of my Condor bags have taken QUITE the beatings over the years, I decided to go back to them. I especially was interested in their new “Elite” lineup of gear, and figured I would pay more and hope I…

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Which Firearm is Best for Home Defense?

This topic can easily ignite fevered debate. Everyone has their own preference, as what works for one person may not work for another.  In the end, all one can do is gain the insight and knowledge to make informed decisions about their choice for a home defense firearm. As the NRA says here in their Oct. 2015 article “Choosing a…

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Gear Review: The Schrade® SCHBOLO

There are a lot of ways to chop wood and clear brush. Not too many blades do both relatively well. The Schrade SCHBOLO does. Let me preface this article by saying that there are other “machete” type blades by Schrade out there. I don’t like them. I’ve literally seen them break or come apart at the handle. This one is…

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GEAR REVIEW: the GORUCK GR1 rucksack

Somewhere in between the Osprey’s and Gregory type packs meant for through hiking, and the Mystery Ranch/5.11/Condor packs that have a more “tactical” look & feel, there lies an area reserved for packs that don’t quite define one as a “hiker”, or as a “military” type, but appeals to both demographics. It’s an area for those that may identify with…

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