Build a Cabin From Used Wooden Pallets!

wooden Pallet, Cabin, pallet cabin

Build a cabin from used wooden pallets! We just thought this was cool as hell.

Two guys, a father and son, spending time out in nature by building the coolest thing any son could want: a secret clubhouse.

Ok. It might not be a club house, and it sure isn’t so secret now that it’s on YouTube.  It’s still pretty cool.

Granted, they use some power tools, but they also use some pretty basic hand tools. However, none of the power tools they use could not be replaced by hand tools and elbow grease.


 wooden Pallet, Cabin, pallet cabinThere are some definite advantages to knowing how to build with pallets. To begin with, they’re cheap, and plentiful. You can transport pallets very easily. Plus, they already come with nails you can reuse (if they have not been assembled with large staples).

The downsides are: they are NOT high quality lumber, and NOT meant for construction of living space. Also, you are somewhat limited as to how large a structure you can build because no single piece of wood on a pallet is very large. This will force you to get creative if you wish to build something sizable.


If you want to know just how far you can go with wood pallets, here is an excellent site to start with. There are many free plans for everything from picture frames to small cabins and work sheds. You WILL have to sign up for a newsletter, but I think that’s a small price to pay for easy access to so many plans.

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