Basic Land Navigation Course

Land Nav, Land Navigation, Rule 2The Basic Land Navigation Course is designed for the beginner.  It’s also for the seasoned hiker who hasn’t used the skill in quite some time and needs a quick refresher course.

Most SAR (Search and Rescue) missions happen due to lost hikers/backpackers. Don’t be “that guy”. Spend the time to really learn the essential skill of Land Nav. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your family, and the Search and Rescue team who didn’t have to rescue you.

Rule 1: Always look cool…

Duration: 4 hours

Instructor: Army 82nd Airborne Veteran and Land Nav Cadre, Chris. He’s trained both civilians and Special Forces.

Gear needed: Compass, protractor, notepad, pen/pencil. Appropriate clothing. Water.

Rule 2: Never get lost…


Land Nav, Land Navigation

Rule 3: If you get lost, look cool.

Topics covered include:

  • Features/use of standard military/civilian compass, protractor, and map.
  • The function and relevance of land navigation.
  • Basic orienteering of map.
  • Terrain recognition & association.
  • 8 Digit grid identification
  • Line of sight vs known location land navigation.
  • Pace counting.
  • Heading/bearing determination and azimuths.
  • Grid vs magnetic vs true North.
  • Declination.
  • Grid search vs clover search.

Cost: $65 pp

Available dates/locations:

*Dec. 17th (Houston, TX)

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