Learn the Figure-4 Deadfall From a TRUE Expert (video)

When you say the term “survival expert” there are a few names who immediately come to mind (if those names are cast members from the hit TV show “Naked & Afraid”, you need to get out more). One name that most other experts and long-time enthusiasts mention right off the bat is Ron Hood.

figure 4 deadfallYou would be hard pressed to find another subject matter expert as well versed and legitimate as Ron. I have immense respect for the man due to his dedication to the craft and years of experience. Sadly, “The Woodsmaster” passed away June 25th, 2011, but he left us with a wealth of knowledge to build on.

One of the gems he left us in his videos was the step-by-step guide on how to build a figure-4 deadfall to catch small prey. Trapping is an essential skill, and the figure-4 is one of a handful of quick and easy traps I was taught in SERE training, along with the “squirrel stick” and the twitch-up. I don’t think anyone could explain it or make it any easier to understand than Ron, so without further ado, part 1:

And part 2:

The way you make the most of these videos is as easy as grabbing a few sticks, your knife, and following along with Ron as he constructs the figure 4 deadfall trap (paying close attention to the 3:33 mark of video 2 for a GREAT tip).

If you want to visit his website, click HERE. His wife Karen is trying to keep his legacy alive and posts some really great information, too.

As always,… Ne te quaesiveris extra!

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