Wilderness Survival Level C

S.P.E.A.R. Level C – 3 day/2 night course.

**Note**: Levels A & B are prerequisites.

Wilderness survival level C, SPEAR Survival, SEREAdvanced survival techniques using no gear and minimal tools. Students will be required to survive using only their bush knife, and the clothes on their back while instructors observe with minimal interference. First responders and EMS professionals will be on hand to assist should the need arise, as safety is always, always paramount. Upon a skills evaluation, and graduation, students will be S.P.E.A.R. Survival certified.



Primitive survival, wilderness survival level C

A student tries his hand at using the hand drill method.

What students bring:

  • Survival knife
  • Anything else that would normally be in their pockets.
  • 1 container for water (preferably steel).

What students get:

  • Observation by a trained survival professional as they navigate a 3 day/2 night course.
  • Minimal interaction with instructor, but access in event of an emergency.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that they can survive with minimal gear.

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