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Hiker Who Got Lost, Dies of Starvatio...

Hiker who got lost

Geraldine Largay was a Appalachian Trail hiker who got lost, and died of starvation. Misguided decisions combined with bad luck and lack of skills lead to her death. It begins like any other backpacking story: two friends decide to hike the AT, having a great adventure. But that wasn’t how it ended. On July 22, […]

Summer Foraging (Houston) pt 2

Summer Foraging (Houston) pt 2

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE YOUR SUMMER FORAGING TICKET (Aug 12) You do NOT need to have taken part 1 to do part 2. That’s just our way of letting you know it’s different plants than part 1. Duration: 4 hours (9am – 1pm) Location: Spring, TX at the Spring Creek Nature Center […]

Wilderness Survival Level-B (primitiv...

Primitive survival, wilderness survival level C

  SPEAR Wilderness Survival Level-B is a 2 day/2 night course, Level-A is a prerequisite. Students will learn how to survive using primitive survival methods, and minimal gear. Skills taught are as follows: *Primitive fire, water, shelter skills *Wild edibles instruction by Dr. Mark “Merriwether”. *Basic knots and rope work for field use (rope bridges […]

SPEAR Wilderness Survival Level-A

Wilderness Survival Level-A survival gear

If you want to be more responsible and safe then the Wilderness Survival Level-A course is for you. It is NOT a primitive methods survival course. However, you will learn how to pre-plan effectively, and how to survive using the gear you have in your pack and on your person. Topics covered include: *Proper trip […]

Just for Us: Veterans Big Bend

SPEAR Survival Big Bend

Our Veterans Big Bend trip is about quality time with our brother/sister veterans. Being around other vets is important to us. It’s like being back at home with family. It gives us a chance to heal, bond, breathe, and vent to others who have been where we’ve been, done what we’ve done, and seen what […]

Surviving Hypothermia in the Wilderne...

Surviving Hypothermia in the Wilderness

Hypothermia can kill you. Let’s get that out of the way. It’s not something to take lightly or brush off, so let’s discuss ways to prevent it, and treat it in a wilderness survival scenario. There are several ways to prevent hypothermia, the first is quite simple; start with a general knowledge of what it […]

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