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Hiker Who Got Lost, Dies of Starvatio...

Hiker who got lost

Geraldine Largay was a Appalachian Trail hiker who got lost, and died of starvation. Misguided decisions combined with bad luck and lack of skills lead to her death. It begins like any other backpacking story: two friends decide to hike the AT, having a great adventure. But that wasn’t how it ended. On July 22, […]

SPEAR Wilderness Survival Level-A

Wilderness Survival Level-A survival gear

If you want to be more responsible and safe then the Wilderness Survival Level-A course is for you. It is NOT a primitive methods survival course. However, you will learn how to pre-plan effectively, and how to survive using the gear you have in your pack and on your person. Topics covered include: *Proper trip […]

Understanding Groundwater & Wate...

Understanding Groundwater & Water Tables

Water is life. Without it, we die. Thus, understanding where our water comes from, how to find it, collect it, and decide if it’s safe for consumption is vital to survival. While I’m not a geologist, I’ve done my personal best to figure out how a water table works, where water is sourced, how it […]

Learn the Figure-4 Deadfall From a TR...

Learn the Figure-4 Deadfall From a TRUE Expert (video)

When you say the term “survival expert” there are a few names who immediately come to mind (if those names are cast members from the hit TV show “Naked & Afraid”, you need to get out more). One name that most other experts and long-time enthusiasts mention right off the bat is Ron Hood. You […]

Essential Knots and Bends

Essential Knots and Bends

One thing I get asked about a LOT are knots and bends. It’s a skill, as you were, it’s an ART that once seemed to be fading into obscurity, practiced only by those rare breeds like First Responders/High Angle Rescue, Special Forces, Sailors, mountain climbers, cowboys and of course the proud Eagle Scout. Recently, there’s […]

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