Survival CoursesWe offer a variety of survival courses at different levels of ability. We can also custom build you a course based upon your needs, your group size, or if you prefer, private instruction. To arrange at custom survival course, contact us.


Survival 101 Boot Camp 4 hour course. Covers the basics of wilderness survival theory. Students will learn:

  • Importance of proper trip planning, safety and coordination
  • How your body & mind may react to a survival scenario, and how to prepare for that
  • The importance of hydration and possible sources of water in the wilderness
  • The importance of limit to exposures and methods to do so (shelter/fire)
  • Main types of medical emergencies in the wilderness and mitigation of that risk
  • Suggestions for various types of gear required to be safe & responsible in the wilderness


SPEAR Survival Wild Edibles ForagingWild Edibles Foraging (basic) 4 hour course. Topics include:

  • foraging ethics, etiquette, techniques and benefits
  • Historical medicinal uses for certain plants (as available by season/environment)
  • Nutritional value of certain plants in a survival scenario
  • Common methods of preparation for various plants
  • How to find more info & resources on foraging wild edibles


Level-A survival courseLevel-A Survival Course 2 day/1 night course. Students will learn how to use their full packs of gear to their greatest potential. Focus will be on:

  • Trip planning, safety, and coordination
  • Preventing injury and/or death by exposure and dehydration
  • Fire building skills using gear in your pack and basic techniques
  • Water filtration/purification
  • Basic wilderness first aid
  • Signaling for rescue


Level-B Survival CourseLevel-B Survival Course 2 day/1 night course. Level-A is a pre-requisite. Students will learn how to survive and thrive with minimal gear and no modern water filtration or fire making tools. Skills taught:

  • Primitive fire making techniques
  • Primitive water filtration/purification
  • primitive shelter making for both short and long-term survival
  • Basic knots and rope work for field use (rope bridges and emergency rappelling)
  • Day and night navigation using military techniques
  • Tracking, trapping and lures/snares using primitive techniques


Level- C Survival CourseLevel-C Survival Course 3 day/2 night course. Levels A & B survival courses are prerequisites. Advanced survival techniques using no gear or tools other than their bush knife, and the clothes on their back.  Instructors observe with minimal interference. First responders and EMS professionals will be on hand to help should the need arise, as safety is always paramount. Upon a skills evaluation, and graduation, students will be SPEAR Survival certified.

S.P.E.A.R. Urban Survival Courses – Designed for the individual or family that is interested in navigating the unique threats that an urban environment offers. Coming in late 2017.

Operation Yellowbird “Veterans Only” excursion – for those coping with combat related PTS. A mix of Level A & B survival courses, but with added camaraderie that can only be provided by being around fellow brother/sister veterans. Your military service and combat action IS your pre-requisite to this course. We may ask for documentation, just to make sure we are providing help to the right people.

Precision Long Range ShootingPrecision Long Range Shooting2 day course. The Advanced Long Range Rifle Familiarization Course (ALRRC) is designed to simplify long range marksmanship for civilian application (i.e. Hunting/recreational shooting). This course will take an inexperienced shooter and give him/her the tools needed to engage targets at distances out to 1000 yards (or more). 4 hour classroom phase covers:

  • Fundamentals of proper shooting position
  • Scope Theory
  • Ballistics
  • Mil Radian Theory
  • Cold Bore Theory & cleaning

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