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Wilderness Survival Level-A survival gear

We sell survival gear through our Amazon Affiliates store.  By doing so, we keep the cost of our courses more affordable.

Buying gear you have no knowledge of is risky. So we take the time to buy, test, and review gear so you can shop with confidence.

Of course, we’ve done our very best to find products that meet or exceed our high expectations. Products sold from a U.S. vendor or items that are fulfilled by Amazon directly. Consequently, your shopping has the reliability of Amazon behind it.  However, please make sure you read what comes with them, and what doesn’t.

To visit our Amazon Affiliates Survival Gear Shop, click HERE. For our library, click HERE.

Or, follow the links below for targeted shopping:

We appreciate your support of our business! Shop for survival gear through our online store, or search all of Amazon through our search widget below.


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