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Water Distillation Made Easy (video)

Water Distillation Made Easy (video)

Water is life. I will keep saying it, and you should let it soak in and commit it to memory. That said, when you are in a survival scenario, you have two issues regarding water: finding it, and making it drinkable. This is hard enough in jungle, forest, or desert settings, but consider one other; […]

Understanding Groundwater & Wate...

Understanding Groundwater & Water Tables

Water is life. Without it, we die. Thus, understanding where our water comes from, how to find it, collect it, and decide if it’s safe for consumption is vital to survival. While I’m not a geologist, I’ve done my personal best to figure out how a water table works, where water is sourced, how it […]

GEAR REVIEW: The Bubba 20oz HERO Tumb...

GEAR REVIEW: The Bubba 20oz HERO Tumbler

I have been on an arduous journey for quite some time. The mission: to find an insulated coffee mug that would NOT leak. I know, I get excited over weird stuff. But we’ve all had that thermos or mug we had high hopes for leak in our pack, or our car, right? Or the one […]

Dehydration in the Wilderness

It can be a serious thing depending on the severity, no doubt about it. We’ve all experienced a case of dehydration to one degree or another. However, in a survival setting where there is no easy, quick access to a water fountain, a refrigerator full of Gatorade, or a hospital to transport to, things can […]

Product review: Sawyer Squeeze Water ...

There are a few things you will not catch me in the field without: my knife, at least 2 modern methods of starting a fire, and the Sawyer® Squeeze .1 micron water filtration system. When I test gear, I look for 5 things. “does it work” “is it reliable” “how easy is it to use” […]

Starting out, what to pack. (the basi...

Starting out, what to pack. (the basics)

There’s a lot of opinions on what get packed into a good field kit, or ruck, pack, or whatever you choose to call it. Survivalists, hikers and campers will almost get into bar room brawls over the subject, the way football fanatics almost will over who gets picked where and when in the NFL draft. […]

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